Our School

The International School of Western Australia is a coeducational, non-denominational independent school situated in Perth and with a global reach. We support the growth and achievement of children from families who desire a unique boutique education that is characterised by an experience of excellence and student voice within an internationally minded, open minded and culturally minded 21st century learning community.

Our Purpose

At the International School of Western Australia, we inspire and challenge our students to achieve personal excellence, to pursue a passion for learning, and to be responsible global citizens who take the initiative to make a positive difference in the world.   

Our Values Our Vision Our Graduates
International Mindedness:
Seeing and experiencing the world broadly with perspective
Our international curriculum, holistic education, and excellent academic results prepare our students for further studies around the world and position ISWA as a well recognised and sought after international school. Equipped with competencies of citizenship and character, they travel the world in search of new and authentic learning through which they will grow and contribute within their different communities in a principled and caring fashion throughout their lives.
Open Mindedness:
Stepping into the future and embracing opportunities with courage
Our growing, energetic, and enthusiastic international community of students, teachers, and parents all work together to provide a balanced learning environment that nurtures inclusivity, inquiry, and responsible risk taking. Empowered by competencies of change readiness and critical and creative thinking, they look forward, recognise and reflect on what is known and what might be possible and pursue new pathways and challenges.
Cultural Mindedness: Inviting and acknowledging people on our journey with appreciation Our warmth of welcome allows students and parents to quickly develop a strong sense of belonging to our school community where cultural diversity is celebrated. Enabled by competencies of communication and collaboration, they speak more than one language, adapt to their circumstances, and work together with respect for themselves and the customs and beliefs of those around them.


Achieving Excellence Together