Ours is a real community where we learn, play and work together.

The International School of Western Australia offers students an invaluable opportunity to balance the value of meeting people from other cultures with the importance of being able to socialise and learn with peers who understand the unique challenges and opportunities of being part of an international family.

The school holds regular events throughout the school year that celebrate and encourage awareness of the range of cultures that make up the school community.

ISWA warmly encourages parental participation in each child’s education. We work together to encourage every child to reach his/her potential.

For parents, ISWA offers the chance to be part of an “international village” – a supportive and collegial community of families sharing a desire for their children to receive a globally-recognised education. Many parents have reported forming their most valuable and lasting friendships as a result of the school’s vibrant community.

Parents are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s academic development as well as in the life of the school. ISWA's Parent Group is committed to enhancing the school community and is dedicated to supporting the educational program, cocurricular and sporting activities, and the welfare of all students. The Parent Group is represented by a committee that serves as a focal point of contact for the school community. All parents are welcome at meetings, held on the first Thursday of each month in the Drama Studio.

There are also a number of opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s education and become active in the school community. These include hospitality, fundraising, regular family social events, bookfairs and library assistance.

Our current Parent Information Handbook can be downloaded here. 

Our Parents Say...

Since we have moved to the International School and learned about the PYP Program, I can say that each of my 3 children have blossomed in their attitude towards learning.  All three have different strengths and challenges in their approach to learning and their preferred learning style.  We found that the PYP catered individually and allowed them to engage in learning and take responsibility for their learning.  They are able to express themselves in their preferred style (visual, pictorial, auditory) as well as engage in areas they find challenging without feeling inferior or judged, if they don’t quite get it right.  They no longer ask “Why do we have to learn this?” as they see an everyday application for everything that is presented in the classroom.  The conversations at the dinner table have become quite animated and enthusiastic as they want to share and discuss their UOI topics.  They challenge and question everyday thinking and ways of doing things.  They are not bound by what is dictated to them by a textbook or a teacher, they are challenged to find new applications, ideas or solutions. In general, they are not regurgitating what is taught to them so they can pass a test of their memory, they are challenged to learn about the subject themselves, to do research and to assimilate the topic so that it becomes part of their knowledge rather than rote learning.
I wish we ourselves could have been taught like this from such a young age, rather than arriving at University and then thinking, wow, we now have to think for ourselves for the first time.  It is a great advantage that our kids will have.
Lina Stowe
Mother of three ISWA students

We spent three school years in Perth. My daughter attended Year 1 through to Year 3 at ISWA before we transferred out of Australia. We've been living an internationally mobile life for almost 10 years now, across five countries. ISWA stands out in our experience as a fantastic school community – really the heart of expat life in Perth. The biggest worry as a parent living this mobile life is the happiness of our kids. From her first day at ISWA, we never had this worry during our time in Perth. Great teachers, welcoming social environment for the kids, fantastic academic standards – really a top international school by any measure.

Barry Parsons
Father of one ISWA student
Originally from Canada

The International School of Western Australia offers something really special and unique in terms of a global education that other schools couldn’t provide. For us, the curriculum was the most important aspect, as was having our children schooled with other like-minded students. The school community has also been a great support and the welcome program for families new to the school is a great addition.

Marlise Pomper-Davies
Mother of two ISWA students
Originally from The Netherlands

I’ve been in Perth since July last year when we moved here from Houston and I’m slowly getting used to it. I love the beach and the lifestyle and the family do as well. I put my pictures and family photos up on the walls of the house the other day so it must really be home now!

Julie Gray
Mother of one ISWA student
Originally from Scotland



Achieving Excellence Together