Due to our outstanding academic results, nurturing educational environment, and supportive school community, we are often asked by local Perth families whether their children can attend our school, or if we are just for international families.

The answer is YES, local families can, and do, attend ISWA.

Perth families looking for a progressive, co-educational environment for their children and an opportunity to benefit from the International Baccalaureate program outside of the ‘elite’ school system are enrolling at ISWA in increasing numbers. And we welcome them!

Local students love the diversity of the student body, and benefit from the genuinely global focus of our school. As the IB program places an emphasis on second language learning, students at ISWA are able to see the practical application of learning another language, taking advantage of the international backgrounds of some of the peers to practice their French or Spanish with native speakers.

Both students and parents love our relaxed, climate-appropriate and inexpensive uniforms, that enable students to learn and play comfortably, the way children need to.

The small size of our school leads to a country-school type atmosphere, where everyone knows and looks out for each other, all the teachers knows all the students, and students are friends with children across the year levels. Our welcoming, inclusive and highly sociable parent community ensures that both local and international families settle in to our school quickly.

Local senior school students choose ISWA because of the choice of local and international academic pathways, and because of the one-on-one attention they receive from teachers.

ISWA is a truly unique school that celebrates individuality, whilst instilling in our students the values of tolerance, compassion and global awareness and understanding. We provide a truly world-class education, right here in City Beach.