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ISWA supports students to adjust to study and life in Australia, to achieve their learning goals, and to achieve satisfactory academic progress towards the learning outcomes of their course.

English as an Additional Language

ISWA is proud to offer extensive specialist instruction in English as an Additional Language classes during the school day.

Inclusive Education Support

ISWA employs Inclusive Education teachers in both the Primary and Secondary sub-schools, to assist students with diagnosed learning difficulties or students identified as requiring additional support. Additional information can be read in our Learning section of the website.

Extra Tuition and Extension

ISWA’s small class sizes and passionate staff provide opportunities for small group and individual tuition. Consolidation of concepts and skills as well as lateral extension activities can be offered during class, dedicated homework clubs and lunchtime workshops.

Peer-led Collaboration

ISWA’s e-learning Centre is a modern classroom where Secondary students can meet regularly in a self-directed mode and work collaboratively. Peers are encouraged to ask and answer questions together, discuss concepts, work through examples, review notes, share study strategies, and prepare for exams or assessment tasks in a relaxed environment.

Designing Assessment Timetable

A benefit of our boutique school is the increased communication regarding assessment planning between Secondary School subject departments. ISWA can ensure a balanced spread of assessments across the term, so Secondary Students can dedicate extra time to a limited number of subject or units per week.

Exam Preparation

Students are provided with dedicated revision class time prior to examinations where the teacher facilitates scaffolded revision activities. These strategies are further utilised by students in their own time as there are no formal assessments permitted in the week prior to examinations. This allows students to focus solely on their preparation for their 5 examinable subjects – Humanities and Social Science, Science, English, Mathematics and Languages.


ISWA’s homework program is reflective of concepts introduced in the classroom. It is designed to consolidate student understanding of classwork as well as develop sound study skills.
Homework should be completed by students and is a great opportunity for critical discussion with Parents, Guardians or Tutors.
All homework is reviewed, corrected and shared by teaching staff in a timely matter. This acts as additional monitoring of progress as well as feedback and tuition opportunities.

Flexible Class Schedules

Whole school timetables and class schedules are carefully planned to reflect a balance of holistic learning. Timetabling can be altered for some students to meet specific learning needs. Examples include participation in external provider programmes, extra time in assessments, increased study periods, reduced hours of attendance.

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