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Students and parents love our relaxed, climate-appropriate, and inexpensive uniforms, that enable students to learn and play comfortably, the way children need to.

Students at The International School of Western Australia wear a school uniform which helps to foster a real sense of identity amongst the school community. Our uniform is designed to encourage freedom of movement, and is part of the comfortable learning environment we foster. Students are expected to wear the uniform correctly and with pride at all times.

The school uniform consists of the following items:

Daily Uniform All Students

  • ISWA navy jacket (Years K-11)
  • ISWA navy polo shirt (Years K-11)
  • ISWA white leavers polo shirt (Year 12)
  • ISWA House sport polo shirt
  • ISWA Boomerang t-shirt
  • ISWA navy polar fleece jumper/pullover (optional)
  • ISWA navy knitted jumper/pullover (optional)
  • ISWA navy leavers jacket (Year 12)
  • ISWA navy winter scarf (optional)
  • ISWA navy wide-brimmed hat (Years K-3) (Years 4-12 optional)
  • ISWA navy baseball cap (Years 4-12)
  • White short socks
  • Black lace-up sports shoes (Years K-12) or black velcro sports shoes (Early Childhood Years). Shoes must be predominantly black

Girls’ Uniforms

  • Summer: ISWA grey light-weight skirt OR ISWA grey light-weight skort
  • Winter: ISWA grey woollen skirt OR ISWA grey woollen skort
  • Winter: Navy opaque plain tights

Boys’ Uniforms

  • Summer: ISWA navy cargo shorts
  • Winter: ISWA long grey trousers or ISWA Pull up navy trousers (Years K-3)

Students can choose to wear summer or winter uniform each day, depending on the weather.

Sports Uniform (Not to be worn with the Daily Uniform)

  • ISWA royal blue sports shirt
  • ISWA navy sports shorts or ISWA navy basketball shorts
  • ISWA navy tracksuit top
  • ISWA navy tracksuit pants
  • ISWA navy wide-brimmed hat (Years K-3) (Years 4-12 optional), ISWA navy baseball cap (Years 4-12)
  • White short socks
  • Black lace-up sports shoes (Years K-12) or black velcro sports shoes (Early Childhood Years). Shoes must be predominantly black.

ISWA Sports Uniform

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What our parents say

Choosing the right school for our children is very important and ISWA has proven to be the right fit for our family. We are impressed by the caring and knowledgeable homeroom teachers our children have had so far, as well as the connection ISWA has with Language One, to keep up with our Dutch language education.

Betthilde Keij

2018 Australian Association for International Education trading as International School of Western Australia CRICOS Provider 02674G