Four Year Old Kindergarten NOW OPEN

ISWA introduced a brand new  4 Year Old Kindergarten from January 2016. With a spacious new classroom, complete with sensory room, chill out space and art studio, and a stimulating nature-based playground designed to encourage creativity, imagination and open-ended learning, our Kindergarten is a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment for your child to begin their school journey. Our program is designed to help children develop into happy, resilient, confident learners.

The International Baccalaureate teaching and learning methodology is well suited to learning in the Early Childhood Years, preparing students for the intellectual challenges of school, and developing the whole child as an inquirer both in and out of the classroom. In undertaking the IB PYP from kindergarten, independent learning skills, strong personal values, emotional wellbeing and global-mindedness are nurtured in children at a time when their intellectual development is most active.

As with the later Primary Years, our programme enables students to discover transdisciplinary themes, deepening their conceptual understanding of the world around them. Typical themes covered in Kindergarten would include “Who we are”, “Where we are in place and time” and “How the world works". Students also benefit from specialist programmes in Music, Languages, Art, Drama and Physical Education.

Our Kindergarten program runs five days a week. Children may be dropped off from 8:30am with classes starting at 8:45am. As Kindergarten students tire more easily, our day finishes at 2:45pm, although after school care arrangements can be made.

Our academic year runs July to June, with two long breaks in summer and winter, and shorter mid-term breaks.

ISWA’s student intake is different to other schools in Western Australia. We enrol students based on the calendar year of their birth.

Students turning four years of age between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017 are eligible to start our Four (4) Year Old Kindergarten program in July 2017. Students who will turn five years of age between 1 January 2017 and 31 December 2017 are eligible to enter our Four (4) Year Old Kindergarten in January 2018 and move into our Pre Primary class in July 2018.

However, at ISWA we recognise that children develop at different rates, and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to school starting ages is not in the best interests of most children. So if your believe your almost 4 year old would benefit from starting in January rather than waiting until July, or if you think your older child would benefit from an extra year of Kindergarten, please speak with our Community Relations staff, about our flexible approach to education.

Our Kindergarten enrolment application form may be downloaded here.