ISWA offers academically challenging courses. In Years 11 and 12, this includes the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) and Advanced Placement Program (AP).

The school has a non-restrictive entry policy for all courses, although some individual subjects (eg: languages) may have prerequisites.

See the IB Diploma and Advanced Placement pages for further details.

ISWA also offers the IB Certificate Program and the High School Diploma Program in Years 11 and 12.

Course outlines are distributed for each subject at the beginning of the academic year. Assessment and homework requirements are outlined in these documents.

ISWA's 2016/17 Secondary School course handbook can be downloaded here.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Year 11 and 12

The Diploma Programme in Years 11 and 12 is a two-year course of study that gives students access to all major universities in the world. It combines a rigorous academic programme of study with a focus on developing attributes and skills beyond academic study, including a community service component. While the full DP CERTIFICATE requires students to take six subjects PLUS 3 CORE ELEMENTS, it is also possible for students to take one or more DP courses in combination with the AP (Advanced Placement). Universities and colleges around the world are increasingly keen to enroll DP students (with many offering scholarships). A full list and description of Diploma Programme courses offered for the 2016-2017 academic year are listed in the school’s secondary school course handbook. Students following the IB DIPLOMA programme have 5 periods of each of their chosen subjects, 2 periods of THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE each week and an extra period of TOK alternating with CAS (CREATIVITY, ACTIVITY & SERVICE) on a weekly basis. All students also have 5 periods of Study Hall.

DP Courses 2016-2017 (all available at Higher Level and Standard Level): English Literature, French B, Spanish B, Spanish Ab Initio, Economics, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths Studies, Mathematics, Visual Art.

A selection of courses are available as online courses through Pajoma.

Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and CAS are compulsory components that all FULL DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE students undertake.

 Advanced Placement Programme Year 11 and 12

AP courses, administered through the College Board in the US, are challenging one-year senior level courses that are valued highly at the tertiary level, particularly in the US. Taking AP courses and exams can improve a student’s chances of getting into US colleges and can also help students reduce college costs. AP courses on a school transcript show colleges that a student is capable of learning the knowledge and skills expected of college students, while AP exam scores provide colleges and universities with additional information about a student’s ability to succeed in college-level study. As with the IB’s Diploma Programme, taking AP courses can also increase eligibility for scholarships. Many students choose to take two or three AP courses in Year 11, and another two or three in Year 12.  AP students have 5 periods of all chosen subjects. They also have the opportunity of taking Physical Education for 5 periods which has both a theory and a practical component as well as examinations to be accredited with an academic credit for this course. AP students may also complete any IB class, either as a regular High School Class (IB SL) or as an Honours Class (IB HL).

AP Courses 2016-2017: AP Calculus, AP English Language and Composition, AP Economics, AP Biology and AP Chemistry.

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Physical Education & Health


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