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ISWA delivers a world class education to local and international students from K to Year 12. A welcoming community is at the heart of our school. 

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Our mission is to foster a culture of friendliness, tolerance and connection for all members of the ISWA community.

Arunaa Phalippou, Parent Association 

The ISWA community was always one which thrived off kindness and acceptance. I learnt about so many different cultures which has allowed me to become the open-minded person I am today. I’m starting my first semester at the University of Western Australia as a Direct Entry Dentistry student.

Monisha Arora

ISWA alumna

I believe studying at a small school helped me become the person I am today. Teachers knew all the students on a personal level and were able to meet individual needs. There was a lot of collaboration between students to achieve our goals. 

Michael Ammann

ISWA alumnus

A place where inquiry and curiosity are central to our curriculum

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