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ISWA provides unique educational opportunities for both local and international students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

A Unique Approach to Education

The International School of Western Australia offers a unique opportunity for students to benefit from the progressive International Baccalaureate (IB) learning programme in a co-educational, non-denominational, egalitarian environment from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

We celebrate a modern, progressive approach to educational values, where teachers and students are collaborators toward a shared goal, and where uniqueness is celebrated within an overarching framework of finding common ground, harmony, and mutual respect.

An IB approach to education is inquiry-based and child-centred. The mission of the International Baccalaureate system is to create knowledgeable, tolerant, open-minded, compassionate, and principled learners. The global perspectives of our staff and students, which comes from being an international school, further facilitates this through an inclusive, welcoming, and internationally-minded approach to learning. Here, students are encouraged to explore topics that interest them in order to discover, learn, and grow.

At ISWA students study the WA Australian Curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 10, ensuring a seamless transition from local schools. Our curriculum is transferable and transportable both within Australia and around the world.

A Unique Perspective

With over 40 nationalities of students enrolled at ISWA, including Australian, the school offers a true cross-section of international and local students. The vastly different experiences and backgrounds of students and staff enhances and expands classroom discussion, benefiting students significantly.

West Australians returning home to Perth with their families, after years of living abroad, choose ISWA as it is the only school in WA to offer a truly global educational perspective for students.

Additionally, with a strong focus in second (or third) language learning, ISWA provides the ideal environment for students to understand the practical application of language skills, and to practise these with their native speaking classmates.

A Unique Approach to Differentiation and Student Feedback 

Whilst differentiation (tailoring teaching and learning activities to meet individual student needs) is increasingly being demanded of teachers in schools across the country, at ISWA teaching staff are uniquely skilled in this art. The ability to differentiate deftly and seamlessly is a necessary requirement in a classroom which may have a dozen or more nationalities, with students from a range of backgrounds, experiences, and learning styles.

For this reason, ISWA has become the school of choice for students in general and especially those who are unable to reach their potential in other schools in Perth. At ISWA, these students flourish. Bespoke ‘Gifted and Talented’ programs also help students in all years to progress at their own pace. ISWA’s vertical integration of our student community facilitates this process.

The work and research of Professor John Hattie is at the core of our approach to teaching and Visible Learning. At ISWA, the assessment and reporting feedback from teachers to students and parents is authentic, timely and on-going, using an online platform, SEQTA. 

A Unique Choice of Academic Pathways

ISWA is the only school in Western Australia that enables Senior School students the choice between studying for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, or the U.S. College Board Advance Placement courses, whilst also delivering the requirements of the West Australian curriculum. Successful completion of these rigorous academic pathways opens up the opportunity of university study at prestigious and specialist higher education institutions across the globe.

ISWA’s on-campus College Counsellor works with students and their families to ensure the best success of getting into the university of their choice, whether that be local or overseas. 

A Unique Sense of Belonging 

Our school community plays a particularly important role in the lives of students and their families.

When families arrive in Perth from overseas, they often do not know anyone. ISWA’s inclusive, welcoming school community and active Parent Association have numerous strategies and activities in place to ensure newcomers are welcomed and settle quickly and happily in to their new Perth lifestyle. 

This welcome is not exclusive to our international families. Due to the egalitarian, open-minded, and progressive nature of the school community, local students who did not fit into their mainstream or elite Perth school structure find their place here at ISWA: often for the first time ever in a school environment, they find that they belong.

The family atmosphere of our campus is enhanced by our co-educational K-12 school, where vertical age interactions are facilitated and encouraged. The connectedness between primary, middle and secondary school, staff and pupils, and school and parents is at the core of our holistic approach to education.

ISWA is a member of the International Schools Association.

Why ISWA is such a unique West Australian School with some of the best results

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