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Our Early Childhood Education Programmes are the ideal blend of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and the Early Years Learning Framework.

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme is well suited to learning in the Early Childhood Years, preparing students for the intellectual challenges of school, and developing the whole child as an inquirer both in and out of the classroom. By undertaking the PYP from Kindergarten, independent learning skills, strong personal values, emotional well-being, and global-mindedness are nurtured in children at a time when their development is most active.

As with the later Primary Years, our programme enables students to discover transdisciplinary themes, deepening their conceptual understanding of the world around them. Themes covered in Kindergarten would include “Who we are”, “Where we are in place and time” and “How the world works”. Students also benefit from specialist programmes in Music, Languages, Art, Drama and Physical Education.

Student Intake

Our academic year runs from July to June, with two long breaks in Summer and Winter, and shorter mid-term breaks. Unlike other schools in Western Australia, we enrol students based on the calendar year of their birth.

It's an IB Reggio Emilia Early Childhood Education at ISWA

Students turning four years of age between 1 January and 31 December are eligible to start our Kindergarten programme in July of the year in which they turn four. Students turning five years of age between 1 January and 31 December are eligible to enter our Pre-Primary class in the July of the year they turn five.

However, at ISWA we recognise that children develop at different rates, and may express readiness for school accordingly. Please speak with our Registrar about your child’s individual needs, and we will be happy to consider the appropriate enrolment setting for your child.

ISWA Kindergarten

ISWA’s Kindergarten is a warm, welcoming and nurturing environment in which children begin their school journey. Our programmes are designed to help children develop into happy, resilient, confident learners.

At ISWA we promote nature-based play and exploration. This encourages students to take responsible risks and build resilience, as well as making genuine links to the curriculum. They also enjoy engaging and interactive learning environments, such as the nature playground, in which student voice and choice drives the learning. 

ISWA’s Kindergarten programme runs five days a week. Children may be dropped off from 8:30am with classes starting at 8:45am. Our day finishes at 2:45pm, although after school care arrangements can be made.

ISWA’s Kindergarten curriculum is guided by the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), Western Australian Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines, and Early Years Learning Framework

The benefits of children attending Kindergarten five days a week means that there is more time for a wider range of inquiry-based learning and more occasions for good quality interactions between teachers and students. Children become more familiar with the routine of school and get a deeper sense of belonging, which makes transition between Kindergarten and Pre-Primary a more positive experience.

Michelle Doy & Melissa Close, ISWA Kindergarten Teachers


ISWA Pre-Primary, Year One & Year Two

In Pre-Primary, Year One and Year Two, we have created flexible learning spaces that allow students to work independently and collaboratively. Classrooms, and our carefully planned teaching and learning activities, are designed to facilitate play-based inquiry learning. Activities are designed to spark interest and create curiosity and wonder through a series of provocations, or ‘hooks’. It is through these provocations and the resulting inquiries that the curriculum is explored in meaningful and authentic contexts. The skills of thinking, research, self-management, and communication are developed through the inquiry learning process where social skills are enhanced.

Early Childhood Education at ISWA

Discover our approach to Early Childhood Education here at ISWA

As with the other grades at ISWA, in our Early Childhood Programmes we place a significant emphasis on student agency. Agency refers to self-initiated learning, where students are able to explore concepts within the context of their own interests, and where student voice and choice is evident in their learning.

Our Early Childhood pupils are presented with opportunities to learn and express themselves in a variety of ways. Specialist teachers provide classes in Drama, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education, and a strong focus on second language acquisition. We also provide a multitude of exciting and engaging excursions and incursions that link to the curriculum, so that learning remains engaging and fun.

From Kindergarten onward our students are supported to embody the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile.

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