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At ISWA, we have a unique approach to differentiation & student feedback.

ISWA teaching staff are uniquely skilled in the art of “differentiation”

Teaching and learning activities to meet individual student needs, is increasingly being demanded of teachers in schools across the country. At ISWA, teaching staff are uniquely skilled in this art. The ability to differentiate deftly and seamlessly is a necessary requirement in a classroom which may have a dozen or more nationalities, with students from a range of backgrounds, experiences, and learning styles.

For this reason, ISWA has become the school of choice for students in general and especially those who are unable to reach their potential in other schools in Perth. At ISWA, these students flourish. Bespoke ‘Gifted and Talented’ programs also help students in all years to progress at their own pace. ISWA’s vertical integration of our student community facilitates this process.

At ISWA, the assessment and reporting feedback from teachers to students and parents is authentic, timely and on-going, using an online platform, SEQTA. 

Difference and diversity are central at ISWA, where all students receive meaningful and equal access to the curriculum.

ISWA employs Inclusive Education teachers in both the Primary and Secondary sub-schools, to assist students with diagnosed learning difficulties or students identified as requiring additional support.

This support follows the International Baccalaureate four principles of good practice of learning diversity and special needs education:

  • Affirming identity and building self-esteem
  • Valuing prior knowledge
  • Scaffolding
  • Extending learning

Child-supported activities may take place as a second teacher within the whole class setting or in a small group external setting.

A core role of each Inclusive Education teacher is to support the classroom teacher to differentiate lessons and activities and provide adjustments to the learning environment.

Academic Tracking

On-entry assessments, previous school reports, reports from external service providers and feedback from parents and teacher are used to determine if a student would benefit from receiving additional learning support.

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