A focus on language learning

At ISWA we recognise that learning another language is an important part of developing a deeper understanding of the world. For this reason, language learning is compulsory at our school from Kindergarten to Year 10.

Learning another language requires regular practise, immersion, and the ability to use the language in a genuine context. In most year levels we schedule the same amount of time for language learning as the other core subjects (up to 2 hours/week in Primary and 4 hours/week Secondary), and we offer immersion style classes, to ensure students will succeed. Best of all, the breadth of nationalities at our school means that children always have a native speaker to practise their new language skills with.

We currently offer French and Spanish language classes at ISWA. In the 2017/18 academic year the school will be delivering the majority of classes in the Primary School and all of the classes in the Secondary school in phases. This will allow non-proficient and proficient students to be grouped accordingly to ensure that they are receiving the very best language tuition available.

We also offer co-curricular advanced language lessons for native speakers of French and Dutch, in conjunction with Alliance Française and LanguageOne Dutch School respectively.

We offer the following LanguageOne Dutch School courses:

  • Beginners Course 
  • Intermediate Course
  • Advanced Course 

We also offer a range of ESL support option to help our non-English speaking students develop their language skills and to assist them with our English-language based curriculum.