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Dear Mrs. Coate,

I hope you still remember me. I still remember meeting you during the 6th grade exhibition and also seeing you at a French festival called “Bonjour Perth.” You always wore a smile and greeted me whenever I saw you.

After almost two years away from my home at The International School, I can tell you that your school prepared me for the (very) competitive atmosphere here at Clements High School, outside of Houston.  In particular, Spanish and Honours Math Algebra 1 allowed me to compete effectively. I started 9th grade at Clements High school a little ahead in fact.  The “teach and test” system here is quite different from the IB inquiry based classes at The International School, but I think making the transition was easy.

I still know six students from The International School of WA that live nearby in Houston, and I still keep the awards I received during my time at your school on my bedside table. They remind me of the fun and relationships I had there.

Today, I participate in two sports; Soccer and Ice Hockey, as well as multiple clubs, including Math Club, the Spanish Honor Society and Interact Rotary Club (volunteering organization). I hope to add the Science National Honor Society and the National Honor Society to this list in my junior year. I also joined the National Speech and Debate organization and compete at weekly debate tournaments.

This year I plan to go to Costa Rica for a week of immersion Spanish, and during the summer travel to Spain for even more Spanish studies.

Most of my time these days is dedicated to homework, studying and sports but I’ll also be reuniting with some of my old International School friends here in Houston.


Matthew Cupich

Matthew Cupich

We’ve been very pleased with how our two children have integrated into school life on repatriating to Texas, from the International School in Perth.  Valerie entered first year middle school and Matthew, first year high school.

Both are STEM students and are doing extremely well in their new and very competitive “teach and test” environments.  It’s quite different from the IB approach at the International School, but they appear to have been very well prepared for it.  In fact, they are doing better than ever academically and in sports as well (track, basketball, soccer, ice hockey).

The northern hemisphere schedule offered at the International School made it convenient to transition between schools.  We finished the school year at the international school in Perth and a couple of months later we were in the registrar’s office in Texas, making a simple transfer onto the next grade level – no moving a half year ahead or behind.

The classes at the International School of WA, like Spanish and 8th grade Honours Math, put the kids ahead of others.  For example, surprisingly, their new school district does not offer Spanish or other languages until 8th grade. However, my kids had already done years of Spanish at the International School of WA.

Similarly, having taken Honours Math Algebra 1 at the International School prior to starting high school in Texas was a very important accomplishment for our STEM student – critical, really.

Altogether our experience at the International School of WA and beyond has been a happy one.

Ronald Cupich

Ron Cupich
Our Parents love to tell us why they love ISWA

ISWA has provided an inspiring & rewarding educational experience for our daughter.  She is learning a heap & loving it!  We are confident she will be ready to attend university when we return to the USA!

Thanks ISWA.

Robin Rambin
ISWA Parent Sonia Bumrajh

Our two children have been happily studying at ISWA for the past three years. We are really glad that we are connected to this school.

When we were looking for schools in Perth, ISWA was the only school that had everything that we were looking for: IB study, co-ed education, and students from all over the world so that my kids feel at home. We like ISWA because it has a welcoming feel to it and kids, staff, and students are very friendly and they get proper guidance. My personal favourite is THE UNIFORM, such a relief!

Sonia Bumrah
ISWA Parent Testimonial Pat

ISWA has an abundant international environment and the children are well-prepared and exposed to different cultures and perspectives.

Our children are well taken care of by school staff, and have the opportunity to maximise their learning potential in a happy environment.

Pattrapa (Pat) Rojanasomsith
Photo of two women talking to each other outside in a park

Choosing the right school for our children is very important and ISWA has proven to be the right fit for our family. We are impressed by the caring and knowledgeable homeroom teachers our children have had so far, as well as the connection ISWA has with Language One, to keep up with our Dutch language education.

Betthilde Keij
Two girl students looking at the camera and smiling
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