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Temilorun Oyedele

Hear from our students.

My name is Temilorun Oyedele, or as I’m called by peers Temi. I moved to Australia in September of 2020 because my mom, a chemical engineer applied for a post in WA. Before the move, I was a sceptic. So far in the 4 years that I had spent making Canada my home, I was beginning to relish in the comfort of the relationships that I had built and the friendships that I had. Prior to this, it had not occurred to me that there was a need to move, and I was liking it. Prior to leaving for WA, being able to see the friends that had come my way in the middle of a global pandemic was heartwarming. But I also had to be ready to open my heart up to a new group of friends and families.

My parents chose ISWA because its school calendar aligned with the school calendar we had in Canada. Before entering the school, I had no expectations for what the experience would be like, however, I am grateful that my introduction to this new environment would occur face to face. At this point, I could no longer deal with the monotony of online school. My introduction to the ISWA environment was a positive one. I was shocked to see such friendly faces, or maybe it was just faces at all. My classmates particularly made a great effort in enabling me to fit in, without my buddy, I think it would have been too difficult to navigate the school environment. The students at ISWA still remain some of the most interesting that I’ve ever interacted with, and I still look forward to seeing their friendly faces. I found the smaller class sizes to be particularly beneficial as it enabled me the ability to ask for assistance much more easily when I needed it. One area that I think ISWA excels at relative to my past school experiences is the existence of thriving art programs, in my last school, arts were not held to such priority, which was disappointing to me because the arts are one of the areas that I particularly enjoy. So far, I’ve come to enjoy my stay at ISWA and to be honest, I can’t see myself in any other school. Sure, I missed the friends I left behind, but the new ones I found quickly rose to become some of the best I will ever meet.

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Acknowledgement of Country

We wish to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land we are on, the Whadjuk (Perth region) people and pay our respects to their Elders past and present. We acknowledge, respect and seek to learn from their wisdom, continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region. ​